Res-Kids stands for ‘Resilient Kids’. Using adventure based learning Res-Kids will expand on selected life-skills in your year seven and eight students helping prepare them for their transition to high school and more importantly growing their resilience for the future.

Life-skills include :

We believe it is vital to be able to introduce students to challenging experiences, in a safe setting, which will teach them to learn and use these life skills; in turn building their resilience.


Adventure learning for a full class room. Thrive aims to build resilience and wellbeing with 11-12 year old students through building an awareness of self and through encouraging a culture that builds people up. Thrive is run with a class teacher in order for the teacher to gain the knowledge and use the language and theories in class once the programme is finished.

Intended Outcomes :

As we all experience increased levels of worry and anxiety in these challenging times the lessons learned in Thrive are more important than ever. We are equipping young people with knowledge and strategies that support and build the inner person.

What Our Clients Say


Using the methods you and ur team showed us I was able to succeed in my schooling get into good classes make friends easily around the school and jst learnt to be myself and be true to myself.

I'm not as independent as I used to be, and I'm less shy. I really liked the way you worked with us as kids and the adventures helped me to connect and gain the trust/respect of those around me.

Because of your guys work I was able to Push forward in life, Gain new friends, take my knowledge to new limits and help others with the things I struggled on as a kid.

I didnt get to say thank you to u guys but I really hope you continue your work you guys changed my life made it better Keep up the good work bro.

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