Inspiration through hospitality and the outdoors

Our Activities


Seeking to see our Taiohi (young people)Thrive. We use adventure experiences to teach young people how to deal with the hard thoughts and learn the value of self and others.

Community Support

We provide support services to whanau in our community through the Thames Food Bank, meals, and a drop in space that builds connection and belonging for people in our community.

24-7 YouthWork

Walking alongside high school students in a presence based approach. We are available to support and respond to individual needs instead of a one size fits all program.

Our Youthwork

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What Our Clients Say


Using the methods you and ur team showed us I was able to succeed in my schooling get into good classes make friends easily around the school and jst learnt to be myself and be true to myself.

I'm not as independent as I used to be, and I'm less shy. I really liked the way you worked with us as kids and the adventures helped me to connect and gain the trust/respect of those around me.

Because of your guys work I was able to Push forward in life, Gain new friends, take my knowledge to new limits and help others with the things I struggled on as a kid.

I didnt get to say thank you to u guys but I really hope you continue your work you guys changed my life made it better Keep up the good work bro.

Why Us

To work for justice, show mercy, and walk humbly with our God.

A supportive and compassionate community seeking to assist in creating better life outcomes for people experiencing significant life challenges.

We see every life as valuable. This is not a hollow statement but instead the very essence of Living Well Trust. Our initiatives are not Christian in content although the inspiration and the drive have been influenced and shaped by our worldview. The name Living Well Trust has a two fold meaning; one is that we will encourage and empower individuals and the communities we are involved with to ‘live well’, the second is the core of what drives us, a call to love and serve people which comes from Jesus “The Living Well” who says “I have come to give you life and life to the full”. We at Living Well want to see people thrive; living well and living life to the full. We are not here to preach, we are here to love, to serve and to do all we can to see our communities thriving. The initiatives we offer are all about the people. The story of Jesus has shaped our worldview and we do what we do because of Him.

We would love to hear from you

If you would like to help through offering your time, resources or financially please let us know. A small contribution from many goes a long way.

Contact Us



Living Well Trust
Charities Number: CC29731
Westpac Account Number: 03-0458-0005903-000
Your support has a real-life impact and helps change lives. All donations are tax deductible and go directly to supporting our community. Donations can be made via internet banking or through PayPal. Please email us with your details if you require a receipt.

Paypal Merchant ID: 36A85CLKBPSNQ Email: admin@livingwell.org.nz

Our vision

To support our young people and the community that holds them to thrive

Serving our Thames Community since 1996. Our heart has and always will be to support our community to thrive.


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